The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, being new the science evolves every day. Understanding how the virus spreads is one of the most important questions. Infected surfaces, airborne plumes, AC systems, toilet flushes, and close proximity may all be involved.

The CDC has failed to recognize important exposure pathways (i.e fecal oral route and airborne transmission) nor make appropriate recommendations to safeguard the American public from what science has discovered.

It is understood by science and proven in experiments and case studies that various ventilation schemes and relative humidity play significant roles in respiratory droplet and droplet nuclei persistence in indoor environments and the aerosol plumes.

The 6 foot social distancing guideline is significantly flawed as it fails to account air flow and the fourth dimension – traversing space in time as respiratory droplets remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours.

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How does COVID-19 Spread? Airborne?