Edifice Rx recognizes the need to prioritize sustainability in everything we do. We are in a time when our climate is in crisis and the time to act is now. Let us help reduce your building’s carbon footprint by reducing HVAC energy while maintaining high performance air quality or upgrading to circadian/human centric LED lighting. Turn-key installation of native gardens and meadows to conserve water, reduce mowing, and support the local eco-system. Edifice Rx also provide Sustainability Training to drive conservation through behavior change.

Sustainable IAQ

Sustainability Teams Training

The Sustainable Teams program is led by our passionate leader & President, Kathy Wilde, and environmentalist instructor: Meg Fagan. The modular program is provided through a series of books and lectures including sustainable practices such as designing for the future, sustainable living, connecting with the earth, encouraging behavior change, composting, energy, recycling, and resource conservation.

Native Gardens & Meadows

  • Biophillia (integration of nature) into the office and outdoor spaces improves productivity, happiness, and workplace satisfaction.
  • Native Gardens
    • Selection and planting of native species.
    • Do not require as much water nor fertilizer as non-native gardens, as the plants are well suited to thrive in the local environment.
    • Native plants support the local eco-system, to include bio-diversity, foraging animals, and insects, alike.
  • Native Flower or Grass Meadows
    • Selection and planting of native species to replace high maintenance “grass.”
    • Reduce mowing and the high carbon emissions from weekly to only a few times a year!
    • Do not require irrigation nor fertilizer or weed control as the native grasses and plants are well suited to thrive in the local environment.
    • Not only are native meadows beautiful but also support biophilia integration goals.
    • Attract wildlife, butterflies, birds, etc.
    • Walking trails can be cut or built through them increasing employee health and well-being. There is a sense of exploration when there are birds and insects to see. The grass and flowers blow in the wind.