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SARS-CoV-2 Surface & Air Testing
  • Artemis on Point – Virus Detection Service
    • SARS-CoV-2 virus presence/absence test & viral load. Note: does not determine infectious vs. inactivated virus.
    • Clearance after large case counts (all building types), quantifying potentially infectious viral loads (especially health care – e.g. congregate care wings and individual rooms), ensuring engineering controls & environmental services are effective, or clearance for returning COVID wards to normal care levels. Available for all building types.
  • Surface testing is also available that can aid in clearance testing. Used in combination with biological indicators showing a 3-5 Log reduction through proper cleaning & disinfection.
corona virus air test
Air testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) novel coronavirus
Building Health Assessment – Buildings & Occupants
Building Health Innovations
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  • Humidity for Health
    • 50% Relative Humidity is the sweet spot for minimizing SARS-CoV-2 viability to <1%!
    • A significant and often unrecognized opportunity to add humidification to buildings exists in climate zones 3-8. For New York – Kennedy International Airport (see graphs below) & mid-Atlantic this opportunity exists from Sept. – early June.
    • ALL buildings can benefit from humidification and de-humidification maintaining relative humidity between 40-60% for health, optimal functioning, and low infectivity.
    • Edifice Rx provides building envelope evaluation, consulting, and provides equipment solutions partnered with leading manufacturers.
    • Additionally, Edifice Rx provides air quality monitoring as a service to trend various IAQ parameters including relative humidity. Sensors can be placed in wall cavities and attics to monitor relative humidity at critical building envelope surfaces. Occupants can provide IAQ feedback via companion app and IAQ sensor data can be integrated into building automation systems (BAS).
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Courtesy: SmithGroup
  • Filtration Innovations – Identification and evaluation for HVAC and occupied zones (deployable portable units).
  • Disinfection Innovations – Antimicrobial/Bactericidal Copper Disinfection Coating Technology – Identification of high touch surfaces and application of copper alloy for 24/7 disinfection, Safe 24/7 Light Disinfection, Efficient & Safe Chemistry Disinfectant Systems
  • “Safe Workspace” – Simple Engineering Controls
  • Research (Industrial hygiene, environmental psychology, MD) – data collection and analysis for building and occupant health parameters.
  • Occupational Health Physician Guidance – Feel secure knowing you are guided by a solid medical advisor who can help you keep employees safe and healthy. 
    • Our “occ doc” can lead you through:
      • technical medical document terminology,
      • assessment of health risk,
      • decision making and strategy development,
      • employee benefit and disability review,
      • review of on-site SARS-CoV-2 testing results
    • ….part of the total team or as a separate occupational health consult.

Talk with us about:

  • Indoor environmental conditions and occupant ratings and opinions app
  • Communications Strategy Development
  • Behavior Change Strategy ID and Implementation
  • Covid-19 Related Signage Strategy & Signage Development
  • Organizational and Environmental Psychology Guidance
  • Pre- and Post- Occupancy Evaluations

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