Solutions to Drive Sustainability in the Workplace
  • Sustainability Teams at Work
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The Importance:

With growing uncertainty about environmental factors, sustainability has been at the forefront of change. Through an integrated approach, Edifice Rx provides the tools and training necessary for organizations to drive in sustainable practices to reduce your carbon footprint. An effective sustainability strategy will help align value creation with sustainability goals to optimize an organization’s performance and transparency.

Sustainability teams, eco driving, green materials selection, building air leakage testing, and workplace composting allow the organization to take sustainable workplace practices to another level.

Once you have established a baseline of current metrics, Edifice Rx can help implement procedures to decrease the environmental impacts your company produces.

Whether your organization is small or large, we can work with you to implement the most effective sustainability practices designed to fit your needs.

Sustainability Teams at Work:

Sustainability meeting groups are conducted to promote behavioral change. A study conducted by UC Berkley found people reported caring about energy conservation, but in actuality only 1 of 40 participants made efforts to change behavior. Meeting groups have shown higher levels of success in promoting sustainable behavior.

Eco Driving and Fleet Optimizations:

Sustainable travel behavior programs include facets such as:  driving patterns and behaviors, carpooling, low impact vehicles (LIV), etc. Changing the way driving is performed increases fuel efficiency and decreases the impact on the environment.

Improve your fleet safety, MPG, and save money. Our fleet optimization services include driver training and coaching, fleet management software, anti-idle/idle reduction systems, alternative fuels, tire optimizations, and GPS vehicle tracking (telemetrics).

GPS vehicle tracking is the best way to transform the management of your vehicle fleet, make improvements and realize savings. Receive real-time vehicle measurements, diagnostics, advanced trips and activity reporting, customized rules and exception reports, and driver score cards keep you informed.

Green Product Review:

Toxins released during every day operations from traditional products may be harmful to your health and indoor air quality. It has been proven green alternatives can reduce health issues such as eye irritation, respiratory, allergies, nausea, skin burns or irritations, and reproductive hazards.

Blower Door – Air Leakage Testing:

Building envelope (retro-)commissioning is an important step in reaching energy efficiency goals and controlling odors, especially in multi-family residential buildings. LEED EQp2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control (ETS) requires blower door testing to demonstrate compartmentalization to prevent excessive leakage between units. Many construction specifications, The ENERGY STAR Rating System, and The 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) (Section 402.4.1.2 Air leakage Testing) now require building air leakage testing. Building envelope tightness and air sealing is also a cannabis odor mitigation principle.